Samos is an island that offers something new to explore at every step.



Samos is a wonderful destination for hikers, especially during low season. In spring there are countless flowers and blossoms to admire, including wild orchids. Oregano, thyme and many other wild herbs that grow on this beautiful island fill the air with their fragrance.

Old donkey trails and tracks lead to small mountain villages or along the coast to secluded beaches. Some trails go through dense pine forests, crossing a creek here and there and often you will find several chapels along the way, some of them built hundreds of years ago.

The multitude of microclimates resulting from Kerkis and Karvounis mountains, provide Samos with a great biodiversity, unlike any found in the other Aegean islands. When you walk from Ormos along Mt. Kerkis you will enjoy the stunning view as well as many species of plants. In fact, Samos is home to over 1400 species of flora, many endemic and some rare. Over sixty species of wild orchids are found on the island, some of them endemic.

For several years now I have been discovering this beautiful site of Samos on many hiking tours. It is a great pleasure for me to go hiking with my guests. Temperatures permitting twice a week until mid June and starting again from September  we discover old trails and footpathes admiring the wonderful landscape of Samos.



If you enjoy birdwatching, then you should bring your binoculars. The extremely varied landscape of Samos and the fact that it lies on the main migration route along the coast of Turkey, means that you will have the chance to see many migrant birds. The mountains on the island support a large variety of resident birds of prey.

You can find a comprehensive catalogue of birds to be found on the island, as well as information on the island’s wildlife in general, in Roger Butts’ book “Birdwatching on the Greek island of Samos”.

Mountain biking

The island’s terrain is great for mountain biking, and there are many cycling routes on the island, ranging from very easy to highly demanding.


The sea around Samos is excellent for diving. Whether an experienced diver or a novice, visit one of the islands’ certified diving schools (such as and enjoy the unique marine life of the Aegean Sea.