Kallisto Apartments obtained their name from Greek Mythology. Kallisto, one of Zeus’s mistresses, was banned to the starry sky by the wife of Zeus. The apartments occupy a fantastic location just above the village. All nine apartments offer a beautiful view of the harbour, the bay of Ormos and out to sea.  It is only a five minute walk to the centre of the village and its beach. The modern apartments are equipped and furnished to the highest standards. The owners of the Kallisto Apartments are Birgit and Nikos.

Originally from Germany, I have been living in Ormos since 1986 with my husband Nikos and our family. I was working as a tourist representative for various tour operators for many years, until we decided to build the Kallisto Apartments. My husband Nikos was born and raised in Ormos and is a fisherman. Regular visitors will know him as “Captain Nikos” from the boat trips that him and his brother Stavros were organizing up until 2011 with their boat “Manouela”.He likes to take our guests with him on his small fishing boat ‘Christinikos’ to show them the beauty and difficulty of his profession. During your stay, we will always be pleased to help with any information you may require, suggestions for activities, or assistance with any emergencies.